How To Evaluate Your Latest Marketing

How To Evaluate Your Latest Marketing

Evaluating how your latest marketing campaigns went can be a tricky process.

Sales and return communications are not always a valid measure of success. Before you sit down to discuss your next communication, why not consider the following 7 evaluation points.

Was it newsworthy?

Journalists are always on the lookout for news, be it the good, bad or ugly. Your marketing piece can go viral if you strike the right chords. Make it boring or un-engaging and you risk wasting peoples time. Not only does this destroy your campaign but also jeopardises future ones too. Anything you release should be relevant to your market, not you. Unless you’re a major corporation, hiring a new manager isn’t going to interest many, your new product that revolutionises how your industry operates however…

Was it relevant?

One important thing to remember when marketing, is whether your piece is relevant to its prospects. Are you contacting your audience in an appropriate manner (i.e. older audiences are less likely to engage in digital communications than younger audiences)? If you own a hairdresser’s, why not try writing articles for woman-friendly magazines on the latest styles and colours. That way you push your business through content that easy to digest and more likely to be read than standard advertising.

Have you supplied supporting content?

If you’re releasing a press release do you have accompanying imagery? If it’s an email campaign, do you have the appropriate landing pages set-up? Or for print materials, do you have the manpower to handle any incoming calls effectively? All things to consider before pushing a campaign.

Do you have the right audience?

Start developing a list of subscribers, or local media outlets that may relate to any potential marketing you have. Do these outlets communicate with those who purchase your services or products? If yes, what’s the best way to grab their attention. Consider media type, format and size to make the biggest impact.

Have you followed the crowd?

You can build strong relationships by thinking outside the box. Everyone these days sends postcards and letters in the mail. Why not send a promotional booklet? That little extra cost and thought early on could make all the difference on the back-end of a campaign. Yes your competitors may have effective marketing, doesn’t mean you have to copy. Focus on your niche and make your marketing appeal to them.

Are you a selfish marketer?

What do you offer the community? A great PR stunt can be to organise or sponsor a local event. Or donate towards a charitable scheme. Not only will you benefit from the great publicity that comes alongside it, but you spread your brand and build trust and relationships with potential suitors.

Have you put suitable tracking in place?

Have you got access to the necessary campaign data? Knowing how many opens and clicks your email campaigns received can be a useful tool for future campaigns. Is there an issue with your database? Or can a simple subject line change optimise engagement. Have you offered discounts for those receiving postal campaigns or hearing your advert on the radio? There are loads of techniques to track response. Don’t rely on statistics though, as brand awareness should never be forgotten.

If you need help with your next campaign, simply contact us here and we will get the wheels in motion. In the meantime, good luck!

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