How To Design A Business Card That Gets Noticed

How To Design A Business Card That Gets Noticed

A good business card should convey the overall image of your business – not easy, considering the ideal card measures only 2 inches by 3.5 inches.

How can you possibly get a message across in such a small amount of space?

You can’t expect your business card to tell the whole story about your company. What you should expect it to do is present a professional image people will remember. The colour, wording and texture of our business card have a lot to do with its appeal and its ability to convey your company image.

Use common sense

If your business markets children’s toys and games, you might try using bright, primary colours and words written in child’s script. On the other hand, if you run a financial consulting service, then you want your business card to convey professionalism and reliability, so ideally you should stick to traditional looks such as black printing on a grey, beige or white background.

Gather research

Of course, professional designers claim entrepreneurs should not try to attempt designing a business card on their own, but many business owners have no other choice when starting up due to cash-flow and available time.

The best course of action: Look at all the business cards you receive and emulate the cards that you like. You may have more leeway if you are in a creative business, such as party planning or retailing, but in general, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use your logo as the basis. Make it the largest element on the card.
  • Keep it simple. Do not cram too much information on the card.
  • Do include the essentials – your name, title, company name, address, phone number, and email and website addresses.
  • Make sure the typeface is easily readable.
  • Stick to one or two colours.
Make the most of them
  • Always give people more than one card (so they can give it to others).
  • Include your card in all correspondence.
  • Carry cards with you at all times, in a card case so they’re clean and neat.
Get creative

Business cards don’t have to be boring. No matter your industry there is always room for a little creative flair; you just have to think outside the box and make sure it ties in with your business model.

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Use 4-inch-by-7-inch cards that fold over (like a mini brochure), cards made of plastic or cards with photos on them.
  • Although they are more standard than standard business cards, cards in non-traditional shapes get attention. Try a teddy bear shape for a day-care service, for example, or a birthday cake for a party planner.
  • Textured paper can add to a card’s interest, as can coloured paper. In general, stay with lighter shades that enhance readability.
  • Thermography, a process that creates raised, shiny print, adds interest to a card. Embossing and foil stamping are two other printing processes that can give your card visual appeal.

 Still unsure? Or just need somebody to go over some ideas or give you that creative push in the right direction – get in touch with us today!

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