McKeith Naturals

The client

McKeith Naturals, as the name suggested, are naturally derived self-care products brought to market by television presenter and nutritionist Gillian McKeith. Manufactured and developed by McKeith Research, the products are free from additives and chemical ingredients to provide a natural but clean finish.

The challenge

With this being a new business, branding would need to be created to showcase and cement the products in a high-end consumer led market. Once built, the brand would also need to be carried across a range of products to create a sleek, minimalistic and modern packaging design.

The solution

Following trends led by high-end fashion labels, we opted for a clear typographic logo. By putting emphasis on the terms “McKeith” to highlight the celebrity endorsement. To supplement the main design, we introduced a small leaf emblem, bringing together the core of the business as suppliers of high-end, naturalistic products.

In order to pull the brand through to the packaging, the decision was taken to create monochromatic label designs, again reliant on typography. Large serif lettering for product types is supplemented by smaller san-serif product details, to create a clean minimalistic style. The pulling of green highlighted text adds extra elements of depth and draws attention to key information, whilst collectively tying the packaging to the brand.

The results

The combination of elegant typography and simple colour palettes has created a striking result. Comfortably home amongst some of the industries leading names, McKeith Naturals are working hard to further develop their product range, adding new and innovative products to further push their brand to market. As new product lines emerge, we continue to work closely with the team to develop innovative display stands and marketing pieces to help accelerate growth and establish the brand as the go to business for naturally produced cosmetics.

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