The client

The MarketingFile Group are the UK’s largest data broker for B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. From their office in Stevenage, they work with hundreds of the UK’s top businesses, sourcing bespoke data sets tailored to a business’s target market. With fully GDPR compliant data available the MarketingFile Group help improve engagement and return on B2B and B2C marketing campaigns.

The challenge

As with all business’s MarketingFile like to practice what they preach. With access to some of the UK’s most comprehensive data sets, they were looking to increase brand awareness through a series of digital and print marketing campaigns. Targeted at businesses of a set size and revenue they were looking to create informative documentation and marketing packs to be sent to engaged prospects in order to generate sales and increase revenue to fund future expansion.

The solution

We sat down with MarketingFile directors and senior business development managers to determine project goals and outcomes as to best position artwork content and styling. Learning how the company was built, its methodology and processes, together we developed a series of documents outlining the services provided and the benefits of using MarketingFile for your marketing data.

With such a comprehensive wealth of information available, detailing the ins and outs of how the services work can soon become a minefield. With this in mind, we stripped back the information, to provide overly simple booklets and posters to be included in marketing folders (as and when needed). In doing this, we could provide informative snippets of information, guiding interesting parties to make contact with the sales team, who were briefed on any internal campaigns being sent.

After our initial discussions, we simplified MarketingFile processes into a simple three-tiered structure. Data sourcing, marketing material design and campaign delivery would cover all campaigns from start to finish, whilst allowing the team to push elements of the process individually or grouped accordingly.

Designing to A5 allowed us to keep postal costs to a minimum, whilst the ability to split documentation relevant to set clients allowed for weight and waste reductions. As with any business, employees can easily get wrapped up in terminology and with many businesses new to targeted campaigns, this lack of clarity was often a sticking point in the sales process. By creating a ‘campaign process’ poster, we could help create transparency for potential prospects, detailing every step of the process, the benefits and the purpose in a step by step and easily digestible manner.

The results

The combination of digital and print marketing not only maximised marketing spend, but also had huge impact on enquiry rates and sales figures. With print exponentially more expensive as a platform, but hugely more effective, the combination of digital exposure and print follow up means budgets are maximised and spent most efficiently.

Other benefits to the campaign have been the ability to expand offerings or modify to changes in the market without huge impact on budgets. By dividing processes appropriately, singular elements can be amended without the need to reprint huge quantities of unchanged materials and allowing the campaign to develop quickly.

The uptake was hugely successful, with MarketingFile generating the funds required to expand the business and increase service offerings within 12 months of the initial launch date.

If you’re looking to branch out, improve your offerings or simply want clearer communications with your prospects, we would be happy to help. With experience of both print and digital campaigns, we have developed our engage campaign to maximise the effects of both channels. If you’re looking for something more bespoke, why not get in touch, and we will be happy to have a chat and see what we can do to help you grow your business.