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Chickenguard approached us to re-invent their packaging. With one product on sale across multiple continents and units regularly being shipped. They were looking to add more professionalism to their service with warranty and instruction booklets enclosed in branded packaging. We developed a cost friendly design that allowed us to change languages quickly and even display dual languages. We mocked up colour variants for the latest models, allowing customers to differentiate whilst maintaining our previous (successful) template. In addition to packaging, we undertook box inserts in the form of warranty cards and user instructions. This was soon followed this with a magazine advertising campaign.

The re-designing of the above has helped Chickenguard ship over 50,000 units worldwide. The new packaging design has opened retail avenues that were previously unavailable and the marketing helped reach new prospects. The company then had an efficient base to build a new website and additional marketing from.

“Packaging is what we needed and boy did we get it. They looked GREAT! Each box has shelf appeal, the graphic colours catch your attention and the information is succinct and helpful to make an informed buying decision. Attribute hit the nail on the head!”
– Mark Jenner-Parson | Head of Marketing