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Providing A Multi-Channel Solution For Aritco

Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them to do so.

High ticket items are no reason to shy away from direct marketing campaigns. Whilst many business owners, still associate direct mail campaigns with spam – well targeted, multi-channel marketing messages can be a sure fire winner, for boosting sales, awareness and profit.

The client

Aritco are an award-winning manufacturer of platform and home lifts. As a business they supply public and private lifts to destinations all around the world. Founded in 1995 by 4 entrepreneurs on the outskirts of Stockholm, they now operate out of 6 different locations across Europe and Asia.

The challenge

They approached us as part of a company initiative to increase brand awareness in the build-up to the launch of their latest UK branch. With no internal sales team, they were looking to make the most of direct mail opportunities and were open to ideas on how to exploit their market. With the business on the verge of a major takeover, they were looking to increase turnover in the UK market through any available channels. Whilst not expecting miracles, high cost price on their products meant they could afford to spend a little more on marketing than the average start-up. This said, the new takeover meant finances would be scrutinised so return on investment was a necessity. Having built up a reputation with our sister agency, MarketingFile, for consistently high performing direct mail campaigns, Aritco got in touch to see how we could help them address their issue. After an initial briefing, our ability to design to markets and application of business logistics to create engaging marketing pieces, coupled with MarketingFile’s data knowledge was all the persuasion Aritco needed to kick start their campaigns.

The solution

Business to business

As a growing business, we took advantage of Aritco’s existing business database to find like for like businesses in numerous UK sectors. Basing research on businesses of set size, turnover and property ownership MarketingFile were able to source numerous prospects available for digital and print marketing to allow for a multi-channel approach.

Using the pre-existing branding, we developed a chain of 12 emails, split into two audiences, and delivered over a 12-month period. In addition, print materials were delivered quarterly, dependent upon response to the previous digital communications. Using the latest technology, we were able to create lead scoring, awarded in relation to website visits, email opens and clicks to help determine prospects most engaged with the Aritco brand. Using this information, we delivered fully bespoke, designed and printed, brochures and letters. This approach not only cuts marketing costs, but also delivers a higher rate of sale.

With regards to design, we took a look at pre-existing Aritco marketing pieces, to develop a concept that was clean, digestible and impactful. Making use of the greyscale colour palette and using red accents to highlight key points of interest. From a copywriting perspective, information was broken down into manageable chunks and a grid system was developed to create a modern yet contemporary brochure, that was saddle stitched and supplied alongside branded letterheads.

This multi-channel approach cuts issues that can be caused by generic business email addresses, personal assistants and miss-information. Removing any prospects who show not to be engaging and focusing on those who do. The combination of digital and print materials not only gain brand recognition but also provide a high-quality marketing pieces that can sit in office for prolonged periods.

Business to consumer

Secondly, we took a look at the Aritco product range to establish a potential UK consumer market. Based on our research, we were able to suggest persona’s using salary, home ownership, property type and value from which MarketingFile could build a contact list. One key element of both, being the availability of email and address information, as multi-channel marketing is a proven method of maximising return on investment.

Using similar principles to that in our business approach, consumers were emailed monthly, over a 12-month period. The highest engaging prospects were then retargeted with print marketing materials consisting of a letter and bespoke 16-page brochure.

Unlike our B2B schedule, we targeted consumers with a free-flowing brochure that maximised the use of imagery and minimised text heavy layouts. Breaking information into smaller, more digestible chunks and visualising the benefits of the products through elegant imagery allowed us to create a more artistic styling that promotes luxury and style.

During the process we maintained regular contact with both Aritco company directors and marketing teams to ensure the company branding was followed and tone of voice appropriate. Whilst drafts of the fully designed copy were signed off to give the business a full glimpse of the final marketing pieces.

Whilst brochures were designed upfront, emails were a slightly different beast. Though an initial plan was drafted, we wanted to provide a more flexible marketing solution. Although this can mean that time pressures play a larger role, this strategy allows us to adapt or develop our message in relation to recent news stories, business updates or new product launches. A strategy of this kind requires constant management and open communication between us as a studio and the client but can be hugely beneficial during a long-term marketing strategy – as discovered by Aritco during the duration of this 12-month project.

The result

As a studio, Aritco were the perfect client. They understood their product and the marketing principles we were proposing. With a base model product starting at £25,000 they could appreciate that chasing instant wins was not an approach that would benefit them. That said, we saw some quick gains in regard to brand awareness, with better than average open and click rates on the early communications.

Whilst many may see short term sales as their target, high cost products such as those offered by Aritco, can see huge benefit from long term strategies that focuses on brand awareness in the initial stages. High ticket items generally work on high mark-up’s meaning in many cases a single sale can cover any marketing costs accrued in the initial 12 months and provide unbeatable returns on investment.

As a company, we pride ourselves on treating your business as if it was our own. To help you develop, grow and improve your methods, understanding and knowledge of the market. In this instance, we were able to provide enough insight and profit from our campaigns to allow Aritco to take control of their future campaigns and grow their internal marketing team to handle the day to day running of their campaigns. Showing that although initial investment can appear significant, investing your marketing budget with a business that is willing to help your business grow, can be hugely beneficial in the long term.

If you have a marketing or design project you want to get off the ground, why not get in touch and tell us a little bit about yourself, your business and your visions. We will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (request an NDA) and get the ball rolling.

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