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The client

PRgloo is a media relations tool used by many of the biggest companies in the UK. Combining easy to use tools with exceptional analysis, the platform has seen remarkable growth in recent years with sales accelerated by the switch to remote working. Housed in an elegant mobile-based platform the software provides, response, creation, management and analytic programmes to help you get the most from your PR.

The challenge

As the business grows, they are looking for new and innovative ways to get their offerings in front of new prospects. Creating edgy, daring content, coupled with eye-catching design to deliver impact and meaning. With simplicity at its heart, they are looking to deliver quick, easily digestible content that gets prospects talking, exploring and enquiring, through both online and offline channels.

The solution

We worked closely with the team at PRgloo to copy write and design A5 leaflets that could be used as handouts or direct mailings. By creating more risqué and humorous content we aimed to create a platform that created conversation and drew emphasis to the brand.

Whilst simplistic in design, we hoped to drive home how powerful PRgloo, as a platform, can be for media posts and management. Highlighting how strong content, driven by the business, can help get you noticed.

Having designed the print, we moved on to creating a series of more fun and engaging media images to be used across social media. Whilst not directly brand related, we took the direction of creating engagement through humour and impactful imagery to highlight just how useful the platform can be as a business. This method also allowed us to highlight that the software can work across a wide variety of markets and wasn’t limited to just business or consumer markets.

The result

As a result of the project, PRgloo sales figures have seen a steady increase. This coupled with their ongoing marketing efforts has allowed the business to expand its reach and provided a steady stream of content for brand awareness purposes. With business now looking to move into remote working more effectively, the collateral created has helped the business hammer home the advantages of using their intuitive platform.

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