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Optimising Customer Experience For The Kemsley Barber Co

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like – design is how it works.

Believe it or not, there are still businesses operating in today’s markets, without an online presence. With simple and low cost solutions available, there are no excuses for optimising your business to boost sales, introduce time savings or improve customer satisfaction.

The client

The Kemsley Barber Co are a barbers and male grooming business, based in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, UK. They also stock and sell an extensive range of men’s grooming products that have been selected by owner James Kemsley, with his customers’ needs in mind. Having established themselves as the go to barber in the area, they guarantee on quality cuts, styles and customer care on every visit.

As a side project, The Kemsley Barber Co operate a wedding service titled ‘Tailored & Groomed’ on the island of Ibiza. Providing male grooming and hairstyling to grooms and their groomsmen, they operate throughout the summer, working closely with a local wedding planner to obtain clients.

The challenge

Whilst being well known locally has its positives, being the go-to location in town can also have negative effects on customer care. With long queues a regular occurrence, The Kemsley Barber Co were looking for a way of streamlining bookings and improving customer satisfaction.

The current business had no digital presence and were looking for a way to boost their digital presence whilst also using the platform to help create a smoother experience for their clients.

Remotely, they also required a series of banners and leaflets that would be distributed at wedding fairs within the island of Ibiza. These would also be used at British wedding fairs and should promote a luxury experience for gentlemen on their wedding day.

The solution

By creating a simple one-page website, that was clean, informative and, crucially, mobile responsive.

By introducing a website to the business, we could create a booking platform that reduced waiting times in store. Doing so also allowed us to build a communication channel with potential and existing clients.

We used a simple grid system and broke the business down into 4 key elements – bookings, pricing, opening hours and about. Using black and white photography, matched with this simplistic styling allowed us to create an elegance and luxury feel to the brand, merging with the reputation they had worked so hard to build.

We then carried this over into the print materials, creating a series of black, grey and white backdrops with large bold, information to keep to our simplistic theme and luxury styling.

The result

The website has been a huge success. Whilst not being used directly as a marketing piece, the time saved in man management and client handling, has freed up time for use elsewhere. They have also seen an increase in client satisfaction, due to the simple nature of the site and booking process. With these time savings and customer management processes now in place, The Kemsley barber Co have been able to open new salons and increase footfall progressively over a 12-month period.

On foreign shores they have successfully completed summer seasons every year since the project launched. Through simple marketing materials and a professional styling, they have been able to build trust with groomsmen and their wedding parties in short time period. This has provided increased turnover year on year and allowed for increased operations and staff, whilst covering expenses including flights, accommodation and living expenses.

The Kemsley Barber Co project is a great illustration s to why every business should have a website. Whether it be a point of contact, client management or simply store information, having a digital platform is a lot more than just a sales tool. In this instance, the business saved, time and money in staff expenses over a prolonged period whilst improving customer satisfaction ratings. Your website could simply be a location for prospects to get in touch, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, boost your business to the next level.

If you have trouble with your digital presence, or are looking to get the most from your website, why not get in touch with our friendly team today, for a free, no obligation consultation.

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