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Creating A Responsive Digital Campaign For Hyundai

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.

With high ticket items that are generally tied into contract, generating sales can be a matter of when, not if. By keeping in regular contact with viable prospects, you stay front of mind for when the time to purchase comes.

The client

The Hyundai Motor Company are a South Korean motor vehicle manufacturer. Since the early 2000s, they have emerged as one of the major retailers of affordable vehicles in the UK market, with the Santa Fe, Tucson, i10, i20 and i30 as their most popular models. Even today, they continue with their founder’s can-do spirit, already producing three zero emission vehicles with a view to improving range comfort and connectivity in the years to come.

The challenge

With a pre-scheduled monthly digital communication followed by a print marketing piece to those most engaged, Hyundai’s prospect marketing is a multi-agency effort. With flat design created by Innocean, data and mailing solutions provided by Omnis Intelligence and HTML build and guidance left in our capable hands.

The solution

As the team at Innocean specialise in print design, we liaise regularly to discuss digital styling and approach, before taking over to handle the more technical aspects of each communication. It is important with consumer emails, to ensure the design is flexible and fully responsive at all times. With over 60% of email users viewing their communications on mobile phones or tablets, we work hard to ensure that every message is as clear and readable as its initial design.

When it comes to building HTML emails, many designers hit hurdles before they even get started. Whilst many agencies offer HTML services, be sure to do your research. If we think of HTML as a language, website and email HTML would be two very different dialects, so be sure your agency knows the difference. The term browser compatibility is thrown around a lot in HTML design and in email design it becomes an ever-stricter beast. Whilst browser compatibility (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) plays a part, varying email clients (Gmail, Outlook, MacMail, etc.) also play a role in how your HTML displays.

We build all of our HTML emails responsively and from scratch to ensure cross browser/client compatibility and run thorough testing on devices and clients to ensure all emails stay in top condition. With a brand as big as Hyundai it is vital that any communication shows the brand at its best, and this thorough testing combined with data merging provides a fully functioning, personalised email for all prospect campaigns.

With regards to print campaigns, we receive a single design file that is then modified to merge dealer information as well as customer name to create a fully customised mailing. Once set up, we merge with engaged prospect details to create a final PDF document containing finalised print ready artwork.

The result

High ticket items in crowded markets, are ideal candidates for long term, targeted marketing strategies. Building your brand awareness with viable prospects over a twelve month period, through multi-channel messages can become costly. Fortunately high-priced products can sell progressively throughout the year, with profits accumulated far outweighing marketing spend.

Here at Attribute Design, we’ve built a reputation for design and marketing that works. Your campaigns shouldn’t just look great, but they should perform as well, so we sit down with you to ensure you get the most from every penny spent. To discuss your next project and optimise your marketing spend get in touch today.

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