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Charity Work

Every sunrise is an invitation for us to brighten someone’s day.

One of the many things that sets us apart from your normal agency is our ongoing efforts to improve the local community. By choosing us, you help support the work of numerous charities in and around Bedfordshire. To find out what you can do or help us, simply read on or contact us here.

Our Charities


Kids in Action is a charity for special needs children with a strong focus on positively transforming young people’s lives. From their centre in Dunstable they run a variety of clubs, as well as daily, weekly and school holiday activities.

Samuel Franklin Trust

The Samuel Franklin Fund Elsworth exists to make grants to the residents of the parish of Elsworth who are less well off, or are in need of help because of illness infirmity, hospitalisation or other special needs, or are starting a job and require help to buy tools or educational literature.


The Ventura Wildlife Conservation Fund aims to preserve some of our planets most fragile species and their natural habitats through fundraising and real life conservation projects. Unlike many the Ventura Wildlife Conservation Fund is all about real life conservation efforts.


If we can help we want to. Do you run a charity or work closely with one in the Dunstable area? if you think their is anyway we can help we want to know, so get in touch.

How We Help


We work closely with our chosen charities, to provide financial and material backing wherever possible. Our latest collaboration see’s us sponsor an enclosure at Ventura Wildlife Park, Ware, Hertfordshire. Why not head over there and check it out?


We offer one to one sessions to provide advice and ideas on how to generate more funds for each of our chosen charities. Be it through public events, social media promotion or door drop marketing, we are always on hand to help charities increase their ROI.


By providing on going support we are always on hand to help. Take Wee Need to Talk for example. They came to us looking for ways to spread the word and provide much needed social support for teens with bladder issues. We were more than happy to assist and you can read more about that here.


We all know that charities are always struggling with cash flow. That’s why here at Attribute Design, we run monthly awareness campaigns where a percentage of any purchase is donated towards our chosen charity.

Get Involved

What can you do to make a difference?

Helping out local charities isn’t just about handing over your loose change. There are a number of ways you can help those who aren’t as fortunate as yourself. Be it providing hours of your time, getting others involved or just spreading the word. If we all did our little bit, we can make life easier for so many others.

Get Creative

If you have an idea to raise money for a worthy cause, but aren’t sure how to put your plan into action, why not get in touch? We would be more than happy to help put your ideas in motion and help you to start making a difference.

Choose Attribute

By working with us you help us support a number of charities in the local area. Through direct contributions in sales, to freeing up some of our own budgets to provide materials. If you want to help your business, whilst also giving others a boost, then contact us here.