Bumblebee is one of the most well known characters from the Transformers movie franchise, and the guys at Bumblebee Car Hire give you the opportunity to hire a full scale replica Chevrolet Camaro for your wedding, prom or tour of London. This really is a unique oppurtunity to hire what is a stunning show grade vehicle and a real head turner.


Client Requirements

We need a brand for a start-up company, that whilst tying in with the Transformers theme, does in no way directly relate to the franchise. We want people to take us seriously so we don’t want anything too gimmicky but links to the cartoons would be great.


A simple outlined image logo with robotic font ties the brand into the Transformers theme, without a direct copy of the franchise. This also allows us to keep the branding simple and fun, without moving too far from the more corporate (serious) style required for business.


What Was Done

A project like this is always changing as the brand is built, established and inevitably grows. At Attribute, we are happy to help guide your choices in an attempt to best target your client base.

Logo Design
Promotional Materials
Corporate Stock
Digital Synchronisation